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Good day, fellows and lovers of casino games!

Here at the photo is me, Randy Ward, the famous bartender from Jacksonville, Florida who won National Bartender Poker Tournament 2003 sponsored by Budweiser. Yes, that was a great challenge but now due to that contest, I decided to learn poker and its varieties like Texas Hold’em Poker and Omaha game variation more thoughtfully. Of course, I had known a lot about these games before I have taken part in the tournament, but the conditions of that competition had been not so strict as at World Poker Tournament, for example, as we had to combine there both of our skills – of bartender and poker player. Still, I’ve decided to clarify some game points and that is why this site appeared.

When I just started to learn out poker games I was desperate because I could not find a good guide for teaching me the rules and the best ways of playing poker. That is why the idea of this site appeared, to share my knowledge with new gamblers and grab some new information communicating with other players.

Sure you'll understand how exciting this game is and then read books by smart guys who know how to use math and psychology and will learn how to play poker. But never forget who gave you the fundamentals! If you are looking to take that one lucky shot and hit the mega jackpot, it does not matter whether you play online poker or some other casino games. But if you want to play with fun and enjoy your game, you have to choose really perfect game for you. And I am sure, that you will never find a game, which will be more interesting and captivating than poker. Yes, this game requires skills and efforts but that makes it even better. But before you start to play it, I insist you to learn the basics and later on to practice playing for free.

Claim free bonus in both of these games that offer superb jackpots to players. You will be able to try out different poker variations and understand your strong and weak points. That knowledge will help you to be really talented player and of course, you will boost your skills up to professional level. Free bonuses are available not in all casinos, but almost each of them give you match for your first deposits. And also, you will find free game versions for practicing.

The most complete choice of free games you will find at online casinos. You can visit any of the places mentioned at my website and enjoy all possible games. Try to play as much as possible, as poker is that game, result of which depends on your skills and abilities to play. The better you are in this game – the more you can win! Keep on learning poker, master your skills and abilities, and enjoy winning which will surely come!

Pay attention that in most of the casinos you will find variety of games and eventually you would like to play some of them. Be attentive as rules of all these games are different, and even if you think that you have huge experience in playing poker, it will not help you to play roulette or slot machines. That is why it is quite important to learn the rules of the game you would like to try, or at least play it for free first. That will give you at least basic understanding of the game and you will be able to decide whether this game is worth to be played or it is better to continue play poker.

But no matter which game you choose to play, you should understand how the online casino works and what is necessity to need about this type of gambling. Because of this, I'll give you several pieces of advice regarding the casinos you can try your skills at. Have you ever thought how much do you know about gambling? You may estimate your knowledge gambling for money at the best online casinos! I know several rooms, which will be really good for poker places and I insist you to visit them and have fun there.

Online casinos provide players with lots of possibilities. You can play blackjack, poker or roulette from the comfort of your house and win loads of money. The only thing you have to do to start the game is simply register a new account. But first, you should find the best online casino and in order to do that, be sure to check out latest casino reviews. You can always get more playing online and you should not miss the chance to achieve that! Keep reading my website to find best gambling places and perfect offers and enjoy the benefit of online casinos. Good luck, and you can try some online poker along with its most popular variations!

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