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Poker Origin

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At the beginning of the 14th century the first card games including poker were played by Egyptians. Those days the common card packs contained 20 cards. As a result of the trade relations card games reached Italy and Spain where the first cards used Latin suits: Swords, Coins, Cups, and Batons/Clubs. English playing cards used the Latin suits as well but at last they moved to the common Clubs, Hearts, Spades, and Diamonds suits which have been used in France starting from 1480. Now such suits are viewed as standard and are used in all the card decks.

The origin

Poker is the most popular casino game around the world, but still its origin is quite hard to determine. The name of poker may come from different languages. According to one theory it came from the popular French card game known as the “poque”. But, some of the scientists are convinced that modern variation of poker takes its root from the German gambling game called the “pochspiel”. Pochspiel game really resembled somehow poker as it also included some elements of bluffing.

Poker in USA

French travelers brought that popular game to New Orleans where it was played with the 20 cards packs. What is more, in those games the winner was indicated by the best card combination but the number of the hands was small: one pair, two pair, triplets, “full” and four of a kind. In a while this card game became popular around the US. Poker games were the symbol of the Wild West.

Poker game was the most popular game around the world in the 20-th century. Since then poker game was played as the kind of sport, deluxe skill game rather than the game of cheaters. It was the period when the professional poker game appeared.

International game

After the invention of poker tournaments for example World Poker Tour, World Series of Poker, European Poker Tour and others there was a real poker explosion. Since that time poker competitions were demonstrated on television though that did not have a lot fans since the viewers could not see the gambler’s pocket cards. In a while with the invention of the hole-cards camera poker shows became more interesting and even dramatic. Since that time TV poker games are the common peculiarity of modern culture.

Online poker

The virtual world has added to poker games fame. Due to the invention of the Internet and quantity of online casino rooms the game found its true fans through the Internet users. Now online gambling halls are the best place for playing all possible poker versions, a chance to play blackjack and learn how to win at slots.