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Improve your game through bluffing

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The best poker players are ones that are able to look at other people’s expressions and be able to detect what is going through their head. This is absolutely essential for anyone who is looking to become a seasoned poker player but is also something that takes time and very rarely is it something you are able to do without playing a high number of games before hand.

A ‘tell’ is when a player acts in a way that gives away something about their hand, much like a ‘tilt’ it is very important to be able to identify this against your opponents but also being able to identify your own telling signs is vital to helping you beat your opponents.

Some players’ hands shake when they are placing a bet if they have a very strong hand, while other players’ hands shake when they are bluffing. Some players act strong when they are weak and act weak when they are strong. These players will often bet aggressively by practically throwing their chips into the pot or even toward you in hopes that their show of strength will make you fold.

There is an infinite amount of possible tells, as it’s a human instinct to react in some way shape or form when excited or disappointed and everyone is different. Being able to spot tells on your opponent is difficult but can be done only by paying attention to every detail. To get better at reading the tell signs it is good to practice concentrating on your opponents as much as possible while being able to hide any tells you might have. Teaching yourself to control your own emotions under different pressurized situations takes a lot of practice, but is an essential part of any good poker player as it is a game of information and you do not want to give away any more than you have to. If you are able to keep your emotions under check, your game will improve vastly and can lead to you winning a nice amount of money.