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In a game of poker, I can put the players' souls in my pocket.
Beausourire, Haitian Poker Player

Valuable Hold'em Poker Books

  • Hold'Em Poker for Advanced Players David Sklansky
    Texas Hold'em is not an easy game to play well. To become an expert you must balance many concepts, some of which occasionally contradict each other.
  • Hold'em Wisdom for all Players Daniel Negreanu
    The book is designed for those players who want to learn 'right now' and enjoy instant success at the tables.
  • No Limit Hold 'em: Theory and Practice David Sklansky, Ed Miller
    The world s foremost poker theorist, David Sklansky, and noted poker authority, Ed Miller, will wise you up quickly. No Limit Hold em: Theory and Practice is the definitive work on this complex game.

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This is a good question, actually. To be able to call oneself a connoisseur in the domain of gambling takes years of playing experience and research.

Gambling in general is often taken too seriously and negatively. It’s commonly observed by gambling-laymen as a habit that can only produce addiction, but the reality is quite different, as can confirm anyone who likes to have fun with this pastime. In reality, this is an activity like any other you need to pay for – theatre, movies, concerts – it just provides a different type of fun and excitement.

With the advent of online gambling, things got better for the pastime as it became available to a much wider range of players. Now, many people like to spend time playing a game at their favorite internet casino, and they keep browsing the net for new offers. And those of them who really know the game know where to look for hip casinos, new bingo sites, and poker rooms, as well as the best promotional offering – on resource sites.

If you really want to learn a lot about this pastime for whatever reason (personal ambition, improved safety, getting the most out of your money), you should definitely seek a good, comprehensive online gambling portal with loads of information. Once you find such a place, you’ll have the gambling world under your feet – whether you want to read the latest industry news, play free poker or find out the best way to deposit at your favorite online casino, you’ll be able to get the info right there. Or in your own head, once you become a real aficionado thanks to everything you’ve read and experienced on the best of such sites.